1. The Newsboys, God’s Not Dead

    I shot at TBN tonight and the musical quest was the Christian group from down under, The Newsboys. They featured songs from their new CD God’s Not Dead. It was a great night and airs this friday at 9:00 pm CST. Hear are a few images from the taping, enjoy!

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  2. Beech VS Hendersonville, Playoff Football

    Last night Beech HS visited Hendersonville for a playoff football game, the winner would go on to play next week and have county bragging rights (last week HHS defeated Gallatin and BHS defeated SCHS). The crowds were jawing and rocking, the air was crisp and it was a great night for Tennessee playoff football. I think it is safe to say that there is no love lost between these two teams and both teams were ready to play. The game was a great battle, between two teams that seemed to be evenly matched. Both teams squandered first half opportunities in the Red Zone and each team had a turnover. 

    Before the game I thought that whichever team made a critical mistake(s) would lose the game (I know you could probably say that about any game but with evenly matched teams it holds especially true). This game was close, as close as you can get and the last image in this post will show you that it was about 4 inches from overtime. 

    Hendersonville had the lead at the half 17-8, but the Bucs fought back in the second and took a 22-17 lead, until the HHS took a one point lead 23-22. So which team made the mistake(s), the only thing that I thought separated the teams, penalties. Beech committed far more penalties then Hendersonville ( I am not sure what the count was but the Bucs just made to many infractions). 

    So congratulations to the Commandos and good luck next week. I must also commend both teams for their sportsmanship, in a rivalry game both teams exemplified very good sportsmanship.

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  3. Bucs Mens Basketball win home opener!

    Beech HS mens basketball play Whites Creek tonight and cruised to a 62-33 win. Pretty much from the mid point of the first quarter the Bucs were in control. They displayed some great outside shooting and several nice dunks. Enjoy the images!

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  4. Beech Dunkers

    Introduction of the @011-12 Beech Bucs Bascketball Teams took place last night, followed by some inter squad scrimmages and a Dunk contest. So of course I took some images of the dunkers, looks like this year the team has some hops. Enjoy

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  5. Awesome Ladies, High Road

    Here are a few photos from a Christmas Television taping I shot a TBN on Friday, with High Road. These Three Young ladies are graduates of Belmont and a new christian group with wonderful harmony and energy, I really enjoy their music. Check your TBN listing to see when this show will air.

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  6. Lindsey, a senior tennis player

    Here are a few images from Lindsey’s senior shoot. We had a great fall day in October and we took advantage of some great locations. Lindsey is a beautiful young lady and we had a great time shooting her images. She also plays tennis and my White Lightning strobes allowed me to turn light into day for her tennis court shots. Enjoy and let me here from you…like, don’t like!

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  7. Thank You Veterans!

    Today lets all remember and thank those who have served the United States of America to insure our freedom. I have attached a shot of the Stars & Strips that flies above the retired aircraft carrier USS Midway, which now sets in the San Diego harbor. As I toured the flight deck of the carrier I was under one of the fighter jets, look up and saw the flag, the feeling I had was great appreciation.
    Thank You servicemen and women!

  8. Football Rob

    A few weeks ago we had a senior portrait shoot scheduled with Rob and since a big part of Rob’s senior year is playing the D-line for the Beech Bucs, we began the shoot right after football practice. Here are a few images from our shoot. By the way several people ask me how I touched up his helmet with all the scars…the answer, I didn’t, those are D-line battle scars!

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  9. Kenny G. Is a Senior

    Had a great time Photographing Kenny G. (of course he is not the Kenny G but his last name starts with a G). It was a beautiful fall day and we decide to shoot on the land around Kenny’s parents house. The things that interest Kenny are his dog, his family, sports and his faith. We incorporated some of his interest into his images and we started with his dog!


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  10. The Crabb Family @ TBN

    Last night I shot the taping of PTL (Praise The Lord) at TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) with the Crabb Family, (brothers and sisters Jason, Aaron, Adam, Kelly and Terah). They taping will air this friday on TBN as a send off for their reunion (for lack of a better word) tour beginning November 10th 2011. These siblings are amazing people and oh so talented! If you get a chance go see them, you will be blessed. For more information on their tour go here www.thecrabbfamily.com   

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