1. Bible Camp Northern Saskatchewan Canada

    Slow wedding and portrait months give me time to look back at images and I found these from a 2010 mission trip that my wife and I took with other Long Hollow Baptist adults and youth. We went to a primitive camp (like sleeping in tents and bathing in the lake) and held Vacation Bible School for First Nation children. These images were shot in the month of July and you can see why they call it Big Sky country.

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  2. High School Basketball

    I have shot several basketball games for Beech High School over the last couple of years. I love being around the kids, watching their excitement and spirt. Here are a few images.

    The next two are of the seniors prior to their last home game,

  3. Lovin East Tennessee

    I spent several days in East TN in October of 2011 just to photograph what ever I wanted. Here are some of my images

    "Tennessee morning and a photographer"

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  4. Now a look back at some 2011 Senior shoots

    Like I said in an earlier post I use January to review the prior years shoots so I can critique my images and hopefully improve my work, well I just finished checking out 2011’s senior shoots and here are some of my favorites. Check them out, see what you think and drop me a comment, good or bad (constructive). I really like shooting senior portraits and I try to incorporate the senior’s individuality, style and interest in their images. If you need your senior portraits shot give me a call at 615-415-4601 or email me at stan@sdphotogrpahs.com. You can go to my web page www.sdphotographs.com and look at the senior packages I offer, just click on Services and then Senior Packages. Ok enough advertising here are the images.

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  5. First Senior shoot of 2012

    This past Saturday I finished up a senior shoot that I started in 2011 but since I finished ii in 2012 is qualifies as my first Senior shoot of 2012. Graylin is a drummer, he beats on his drums at home, at school, and church and soon at Belmont (and believe me when he plays it is load)! I have included a couple of images from the first part of his shoot and finish up the post with some images from the drum session. Thanks Graylin for being patient while until I  got the room and the drums scheduled so we could get the drums session done.

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  6. Jan. 2012, Time to look back at “11”

    January is normally a slow period for me and I generally use it to do a little organizing for this year and reviewing my work from the prior year. As I look back at last years work I critique everything about my images and part of this process is finding some of my favorite shots. In this post I am posting some favorite from 2011 weddings and engagement sessions. As you look at the images feel free to comment or critique. I will post other images latter. Enjoy!

  7. Last Wedding of 2011, a New Years Eve Ceremony!

    We had a awesome time photographing Whitney and Brian’s December 31st wedding in Murfreesboro. The candle-light evening ceremony took place at Barfield Baptist Church (est. in 1898). Since it was an evening wedding with mild temps and clear skies we were able to shoot some bridal shots outside and the men after dark (see blog post images). The winter theme of the wedding also had a spring-time twist with a Chicago Cubs grooms cake, ball park franks and pizza. Why the Cubs, this is Brian’s favorite team and he and Whitney listen to Cubs broadcast over the internet. In May of last year as they were listening to a game the anouncers explained over the air during the live broadcast, to the world, that Brian and Whitney were listening in Murfreesboro TN to the game and that Brian loved Whitney, then announcer said this question, “Whitney will you marry Brian”. As Brian and Whitney were listening to the game and the broadcast Brian pull out the ring and waited for her answer…pretty cool! Thanks Whitney and Brian for allowing us to be a part of your New Years Eve party! Enjoy the images.

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  8. A South Carolina Wedding in December

    Last week we traveled to Rock Hill, South Carolina to shoot Katie and Jake’s December wedding. The candlelight ceremony took place at Westminster Presbyterian Church. The bride and groom decided to meet prior to the ceremony for photographs and selected a small wooded park only blocks away from the church in which to do this. Even though it was December the park was full of green ivy and pines which worked well with the green and black color scheme of the wedding. Thanks to a great couple for allowing us to share their day. Hope you enjoy the previews below!  

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  9. Christmas @ Long Hollow Baptist

    Yesterday at Long Hollow Baptist I photographed their Christmas Musical and I was blown away. We (I say that because I am a member at LHBC) have some very talented people who created an awesome Christmas Musical “Christmas in Stop Motion”. There was music, children singing, a story, worship and a message about Glorifying Christ this Christmas Season! The story centered around a man and son, their relationship as father and child, how and why the relationship deteriorated and how it was restored. What a blessing! Hope you saw it and enjoy these images. Merry Christmas!!!

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  10. Anna Clair is One!

    I love shooting (photographing) children, their expressions, energy, and the joy they bring to everything. You gotta remember though, it is their world and they are on their timetable, keep that in mind and you get some pretty cool images. This little beauty is Anna Clair and I love photographing her, check out her style in these previews.

    I can hear her eyes saying “who are you and what is that thing in front of your face?”

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